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Marive Transport is a new proposal, created by an important society of water-based transportation, active in the industry since 1970, which makes it possible achieve new and modern features, but most importantly to have a lot of experience and local knowledge at its back.

Marive arose in 2015 from a young and innovative idea thought especially for the necessity to be able to satisfy any type of clientele.

Its aim is to offer a ferry service and parking space accessible to everybody, private taxi services 24H, private Gran Tourism services in order to satisfy groups of tourists, with special care even for weddings and events of various kinds.

In fact, thanks to our competence, Marive collaborates with numerous and important hotels in Venice and Mestre and is the one and only official transporter of the Venezia Football Club.
In addition to operating upon request in every terminal in Venice, Marive Transport, with its own parking and private docks, has the exclusivity for serving in the San Giuliano terminal, the most prestigious and ancient in the Venetian lagoon.

Its birth comes from a strategic position: just a few steps away from Mestre’s city centre and at the same time from the city of Venice, but above all it brings a breath of innovation into our lagoon.
The first connections with Venice started from San Giuliano: the terminal could be reached thanks to an urban and suburban horse-drawn tramway. The four wagons could transport up until 48 passengers.
On October the 5th 1891 the traction switched from horses to steam.

As the years went by this network was removed, but the San Giuliano terminal always remained one of the best terminals for its commodity and exclusivity

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